Former Army intelligence officer is now an agent of PETA

A former Army intelligence officer is now an agent of PETA, assisting in eliminating the use of animal products in clothing.

Prior to joining the controversial animal rights organization, Christina Sewell was an expatriate-turned Army officer, serving in the intelligence community.

Around 2104, however, she came on board with PETA but still served in the Army Reserves until 2017.  Since then, she has shared her experiences, particularly an event surrounding a slaughterhouse vigil, where she gave water to a pig.

“It’s been about a year since I met the pig who fought to hold onto me, but her willingness to approach me and her will to survive are forever imprinted on my heart,” Sewell said in a PETA interview. “And when I begin to feel heavy with the weight of the suffering in the world, she keeps me motivated.”

Since then, Sewell now works with fashion designers and retailers to cut down the use of fur, leather and other animal products in clothing.

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An employee of PETA, Sewell is PETA’s Assistant Manager of Fashion Campaigns. In addition to clothing lines, she also played a role in Tesla switching to all-vegan interiors inside of their vehicles.

The US military has a rather small contingent of PETA supporters, two of which made it to last year’s “Sexiest Vegan Next Door” competition finals.

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