Forbes featured CEO, former US Marine arrested for trying to kidnap man in Bankok over bad PPE business deal

A former US Marine was arrested in Thailand after allegedly bungling a $3m kidnap ransom operation, one that took place in broad daylight.

Louis William Ziskin, 52, and several other accomplices attempted to kidnap 60-year-old Taiwanese national Wen Yu Chung while he was eating at a restaurant in Bangkok.

The incident took place on March 28 at L’Oliva restaurant in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Soi 36, and stemmed from a business deal gone wrong.

Several other men, including another American and a Thai police officer, were also arrested.

Video footage shows the men engaging in what could be described as a comical slap-fight, preserved for posterity thanks to security cameras.

According to, Louis and his alleged accomplices paid 300,000 baht (9,526 USD) in bail to get out of Thailand’s notoriously brutal jail system, but they will have to wear electronic monitoring bracelets and are forbidden from leaving the country.

Ziskin is businessman who became a Forbes featured CEO after serving 12 years in prison for drug smuggling, according to Daily Mail.

The dispute alledgedy stemmed from 2020, when Ziskin bought nearly $3 million worth of nitrile gloves from Paddy The Room Trading Company Limited.

Ziskin apparenlty lost $2.95 million dollars due to the gloves being poor quality and Chung, a representative of Paddy The Room Trading Company Limited, Chung refused to refund him. 

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