Footage of a soldier being sexually assaulted surfaces

Footage of a fight between two soldiers that quickly turned into a dangerous sexual assault has recently surfaced.

On Monday, the video was posted to Reddit by an account which asked if the actions of one of the soldiers was a legitimate self-defense technique. 

The two soldiers appeared to be sparring in an Army reception or basic training barracks -for whatever reason- when one of the soldiers attempted to put the other in the “guillotine” move as he was being taken down.

As he tightened his grip around the other soldier’s neck, the other soldier grabbed his penis with no intention of letting go.

The soldier kept his grip on the soldier’s penis despite him releasing the “guillotine” and any desire he had to continue sparring.

Many viewers stated, that in a real fight, to survive, there are no rules, but in a fight between service members, there should be some boundaries.

“Yeah he can enjoy the cheap W while it’s there but I guarantee you his entire unit now labels him a bi**h Lmao; Guys fight in service all the time, shake hands, and make up,” one user wrote. “Dick grabbing is grounds for the squad to roll you over.”

Without knowing what happened before the “spar” occurred, it’s hard to say what motivated the soldier to go for such a low blow, but some defended his actions.

“In war there is no such rules that ban below the belt attacks,” the most upvoted comment said. “My man’s understood that he was in a fight and chose the path of least resistance to win.”

Another claimed to have heard more about what occurred between the two after the fight -claiming the Army found the “dirty fighter’s” actions to be wrong.

“Someone posted a while back with some proof that the black guy was dishonorably discharged and the white dude was reprimanded,” they wrote.

The earliest source of the video online appears to date back to 2019.

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