Food service company accused of serving uncooked, tainted food at military bases

Photos submitted by Marines of food prepared by Sodexo.

Photos and video of under-cooked, moldy and otherwise inedible food have surfaced out of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, showing the appalling conditions that Marines have experienced with the cuisine they eat- at the expense of their own paychecks.

The media originated from several social media feeds and firsthand reports of Marines (who wished to remain anonymous), showing undercooked chicken in the Wallace Creek dining facility, rice embedded with shredded plastic at the Double Decker chow hall and -perhaps the most disgusting of all- a moldy chicken burger at the A Street Chicken Shack, all dining operations reportedly overseen by Sodexo.

“They [Sodexo] are serving in all three of those locations,” one Marine informed us under the condition of anonymity. “I’m not sure what happens behind the doors -who actually cooks and inspects the food- because there are also Marine cooks that work them as well.”

A “chicken” sandwich allegedly prepared by Sodexo.

The Marine said that despite this being a less-than-rare occurrence, the reaction from the servers and cooks seems less than helpful.

“If we were to take the food up and say something, they would give the typical response of ‘the food is cooked to [temperature],’ or something along those lines.”

Other Marines report that conditions on the other side of the country aren’t much better- at California’s Camp Pendleton, the food quality is reportedly often sub-par.

“It’s pretty disgusting,” one West Coast Marine quipped.

A major contractor with the US military, Sodexo -a British company- operates joint civilian/military teams, which pairs military chefs with civilian ones, known as Core Catering Manpower (CCM).

In 2011, Sodexo USA was chosen to provide food service to over 51 Marine Corps dining facilities within the continental United States.

“We value our military colleagues highly and welcome them to the Defence team,” Sodexo wrote on their UK website. “We understand that a strong partnering relationship is needed between Sodexo and our military colleagues to provide effective quality of life services to the Defence Community and offering joint training and craft development opportunities help to foster this. “

Public Relations personnel from Sodexo USA were not available for comment.

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