Female Soldiers take viral ‘Mannequin Challenge’ to a whole new level

Another viral video challenge is taking the internet by storm, spreading across the social media faster than its predecessors such as the ice bucket challenge, planking, Harlem Shake, water bottle flip challenge, or the running man challenge -the list could go on.

Unlike the previous challenges which usually only enlisted the help of a few people per video, this challenge has become somewhat of a team challenge, enlisting the help of sports teams, entire schools, and even a female barracks on an Army base.

For this video challenge, groups of people gather and freezing themselves in place in elaborate poses  as a cameraman walks through the scene to zoom in on the details.

Akin to the Running man challenge, which used Ghost Town DJ’s 1995 hit song “My Boo,” the Mannequin challenge has its own theme song, “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd.

NFL teams, college football teams, high schools, and college gymnastics teams have all accepted the challenge, posting their videos on social media with the hashtag “mannequinchallenge.”

One of the latest videos released through the popular Facebook page, U.S. Army WTF moments, comes from a female soldier’s barracks on a U.S. Army installation.

While not as impressive as the ladies of the BYU cougars’s gymnastic team’s frozen poses while in the middle of extremely difficult gymnastic routines, these soldiers went to great lengths to blend poses of the most extreme barracks life to the most mundane.

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