Female police officer joins Army Infantry, claims it will be “similar” to her job

Tammy Barnett taking the take the Oath of Enlistment. (Facebook)

A Louisiana woman is seeking to make history, enlisting to be the first female infantryman in the United States Army.

25-year-old Tammy Barnett raised her right hand in Shreveport, Louisiana, opting to join the US Army Infantry, a deviation from her original plans when she found out she could be first.

Tammy  Barnett taking the  take the Oath of Enlistment. (Facebook)
Tammy Barnett taking the take the Oath of Enlistment. (Facebook)

“I was going to go military police, but infantry is similar, and they are more on the front lines, like law enforcement here and I said that’s what I want to do,” said Barnett, a former police officer.

Barnett hopes to make history and lead the way for more women who want to go into the infantry.

“They told me that I would be the first female in history to go infantry in the military,” said Barnett.

“I hope that I give them the courage, because I’m a small female, if I can do it, they can do it too, this could give them the courage to step out of their comfort zone,” explained Barnett.

According to KSLA, Barnett will soon head to Fort Benning to start her training. The US Army lifted the ban on gender restrictions, in large part due to Defense Secretary Ash Carter.

On January 2, 2016 the Secretary of Defense made opening the last remaining ground combat roles to women official.

Barnett will head to Fort Benning, Georgia – the proud home of the Infantry – to start training

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