Female Navy corpsman chokes out Marine sergeant twice

When men and women are videotaped engaging in hand-to-hand combat, the results are often one-sided in favor of the male.

This is not one of those videos.

A female US Navy Hospital Corpsman Second Class more than earned her keep while engaging in Marine Corps Martial Arts Program training with a male Marine Sergeant.

The two were in the midst of their grappling drills when the corpsman -who was more than just a few pounds lighter- suddenly caught second wind, swinging her body weight to take control.

After several bouts, the corpsman continued her assault, eventually choking the sergeant into a stupor.

Confused and stumbling forward with no sense of balance or direction, the sergeant was quite obviously beaten.

In this moment, the victorious corpsman could have gloated- instead, her maternal nature and “duty to care” shined through, just as it should for any corpsman.

With a calm voice, the corpsman guided the sergeant back to reality, ensuring that he was not injured before helping him up and shaking his hand.

Carry on, Doc. Carry on.

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