Female Marine veteran: “Marine Corps wives are jealous f***ing headaches”

A female Marine veteran and boutique owner from Southern California spoke up on YouTube about how she really feels about her time as an FM- including her personal feelings toward Marine wives.

Prior to owning a boutique, Jackie served in the USMC from 2007-2011 before heading off to college.

During her time in the Corps, she noticed a very distinct difference -right off the bat in boot camp, even- between being a good-looking woman and an average to below-average-looking one.

“My senior Drill Instructor and our drill instructors would approach the girls that were, I guess you want to say, on the prettier side, me being one of them,” she said. “They would just make these comments like, ‘oh, you’re gonna be one of the ones’ and would laugh like an inside joke.”

It wasn’t until after she arrived at her unit that she figured out who “the ones” were.

“I realized exactly what that meant,” she said. “There is this notion that if you’re attractive, you’re gonna get married or pregnant right off the bat.”

That said, she had a moment of pride when she saw her old drill instructor in the base exchange, who seemed astonished that she wasn’t married or pregnant.

“She was like, ‘Oh, well you proved me wrong. I could have sworn you were gonna be one of the ones.’ We just laughed like it was a joke.”

Jackie admitted that life for female Marines had its perks- if you could get past the occasional cases of sexual harassment (at one point, she claims she was texted inappropriately by a married Master Gunnery Sergeant), you got out of a lot of dirty details, such as scrubbing toilets.

“There is this expectation of women to be walking mattresses,” she said.

Her biggest pet peeve, it seems, was the wives of her male counterparts.

“The wives of the male Marines, my God, they are so f**king jealous,” she said. “I mean, clearly, you’re the only girl in their husband’s unit. When they find out you’re attractive… the dirty looks at Christmas parties and events, the disgust and disrespect… The wives are a f***ing headache.”

Despite all this, Jackie would never have done it any other way.

“I’m gracious for the Marine Corps, they changed me,” she said. “They taught me discipline,did something for me that is more than I could ever repay them.”

You can watch the whole 16 minute video on Jackie’s YouTube channel. 

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