FBI received tip about Dallas courthouse shooter in 2016 while he was in the Army

The Federal Bureau of Investigation reportedly had information on the Army veteran who was killed assaulting a Dallas courthouse on Monday.

Brian Isaack Clyde had been on the FBI’s radar three years prior to his failed attack after a family member claimed Clyde was suicidal and had a fascination with guns.

However, because the tip did not contain a specific threat or target, the FBI did not investigate.

Interestingly enough, the call came while Clyde was serving with the 101st Airborne Division in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Never seeing combat, Clyde spent less than two years in the Army before he was honorably discharged for unknown reasons.

According to the Army Times, several high-profile shooters in recent memory were made known to the FBI prior to their attacks, to include Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz and John T. Earnest, the man suspected of carrying out the April 2019 synagogue shooting in California.

In these cases, however, either nothing was done or the information arrived too late to do anything.

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