Father says infantry officer son murdered in Belarus, thrown from hotel balcony

Georgia Army National Guard Major Kyle Tafel. (Remembering Kyle Tafel Facebook page)

Major Kyle Tafel, a soldier in the Georgia Army National Guard for more than 17 years, died a mysterious death while visiting Belarus with two of his aunts last month.

According to his father, Kevin Tafel of Smyrna, Georgia, Kyle flew to Belarus because one of his aunts was there to compete in a weightlifting competition.

Tafel told Fox5 that on one of his son’s last nights there his son when to the hotel’s casino and was brought back to his room by the casino security after some type of argument.

“He told his aunts ‘they were out for blood.’ Out of fear, they barricaded the door so nobody could get in or out,” Tafel told the local news.

Around hours later, when  police showed arrived, they told the aunts that Kyle’s body was found on the sidewalk at the hotel.

“Kyle’s body had been tossed off the roof or the balcony,” said Kevin Tafel.  Kyle was staying the the same tenth floor hotel room as his two aunts.

Tafel told the local Fox affiliate he has not contacted any authorities in eastern European country, nor has he been contacted by anyone from the country.

Georgia Army National Guard Major Kyle Tafel. (Remembering Kyle Tafel Facebook page)

“I have not asked any questions, I have not received any answers. All the answers in the world is not going to bring Kyle back,” he said.

The 36-year-old Army National Guard infantry officer’s body was brought back to the United States on Wednesday.  The funeral will be held Friday at the Georgia National Cemetery.  The US military is looking into Kyle Tafel’s death.

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