Father of captured American ISIS fighter hits reporter outside his Virginia home

An American-born ISIS fighter, has been arrested and identified by Peshmerga troops as 26-year-old Mohammed Jamal Amin.The young man was reportedly trying to flee ISIS after spending two months fighting for the terrorist organization, but while trying to defect, he apparently confused the Kurdish front-line for the Turkish border.

Peshmerga forces, who captured the fighter near Sinjar in Iraqi Kurdistan, said he is of Palestinian and Iraqi descent.Police say the driver’s license and credit card Amin was carrying identified him as Mohamad Jamal Khweis from Alexandria, Virginia.When a throng of reporters showed up with their cameras outside the Khweis’ family home in Virginia on Monday, two men outside started lashing out at them–The Daily Mail reports.

The older man was identified as the father of the ISIS fighter and told the group of reporters to leave the area, while on his cell phone calling Fairfax Police.

“You have the wrong information… the man kept repeating to the reporters, to which they responded, “then give us the right information.”

“Get off my property, don’t take a picture,” Jamal Khweis shouted.

A younger man, who was not identified, also got into a confrontation with the photojournalists, telling them: “This is my driveway…. I can’t get onto my driveway.”  He also said “I am going to be famous” in an apparently random statement. It is not clear if this was a threat or not but the reporters did not respond to his comment.

Jamal threatened to sue them all and indicated that he just came back from the  State Dept.

He repeated over and over:  “You’re talking to the wrong person” and kept insisting this was all just a big mix-up and that he was not connected to anybody.  Things started to escalate as the reporters pressed him for information. He shouted at them as he slammed his hand into the lens of one of the cameras that was rolling, the Mail reported.

A man identified as the fighter’s uncle was shocked when he saw the photos of his nephew. Kamal Khweis said, ‘He doesn’t even speak Arabic. ISIS? I cannot believe this.’

Kamal added there was nothing in the young man’s lifestyle to suggest he would join the extremist group. ‘He’s a quiet guy… a nice guy,’ he said. ‘He had a car, he had a job. His parents gave him everything. No one knows what to think. His mother is crying.’

Mohamad’s family apparently thought he was vacationing in Greece, when all of this happened. When  Mohamad was arrested he told troops he was from the United States and that his mother was from Mosul in Iraq.

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