Famous evangelist soldier who “speaks to God” says the border crisis is staged

Marcus Rogers

The former US Army Soldier whose baptism sessions resulted in a fellow Soldier drowning in a river has spoken out against the idea of open borders, claiming that heaven has strict immigration policies.

Evangelist Marcus Rogers -who was previously stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky- claims that “Heaven has a wall, gate and strict immigration policy,” while noting that “Hell has open borders.”

Rogers made the public post on October 25, and later claimed that the border crisis was staged, taking his theories to YouTube in a video titled “EX US Military Soldier Exposing Government Agenda.”

The veteran complained of the “border crisis” being manufactured by media organizations, who want to control how people think.

“I wonder how people can’t see the agenda,” he said in the video. “They’ll show you the side they want you to see, they’re really trying to shape your thinking.”

With over 716,000 followers on Facebook, Rogers is no stranger to the public and became widely known last year after a fellow Soldier -identified as Specialist Dhaifal Ali- drowned after a river baptism performed by the former staff sergeant.

A professional minister, Rogers is the author of Through The Fire To Be On Fire, which is for sale on his website. In addition to being an author, he can also be booked for church and public events, though it is unknown what his rates are.

Rogers has been somewhat of a controversial figure, having left his marriage and military career behind him -not known if by choice or by order- to pursue his ministry.

An avid YouTube user, Rogers posts bizarre videos of himself dunking his head in the water until he cannot breathe, and posted a video about how “most Christians are going to Hell.”

In addition to faith-based videos, he also posts videos about how President Donald J. Trump is trying to start a state-run news for the “New World Order,” and a “hidden agenda” to replace people with robots. At one time, he claimed that God told him about the 2018 government “shutdown.”

Rogers has around 77,409 YouTube subscribers, who seem to be overwhelmingly supportive in the comments of his videos.

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