Famous 90’s song was really about Jodi and nobody knew!

Sometimes it’s just better not knowing.  In the case of the iconic 90’s song “Macarena” – diehard music fans of that decade are now reeling over the truth behind the lyrics.

Spanish pop duo Los del Río released the song in 1994. It instantly became an international hit and still has a cult following. There’s even a website dedicated to the award-winning song.

Because of its infectious rhythmic patterns, the Macarena became a sort of staple in dance halls around the world. The choreographed moves of the Macarena were repeated over and over at thousands of gatherings, parties, family reunions, church events and more.

But when the Distractify Video asked several 90’s music fans what they thought the song was about, they responded with a wide-variety of (incorrect) guesses:  “Dancing… an unhappy relationship….a thirsty girl!”

Turns out most didn’t even really know that ‘Macarena’ was an actual person. Yes, and not a very good one.

“Don’t you worry about my boyfriend”… the song goes.

Macarena, a typical 90s-era chic, dreams of the ‘Corte Inglés’ — Spain’s biggest department store.

She’s the girlfriend of a recent recruit to the Spanish Army named Victorino, who celebrates his being drafted by hooking up with two of his male friends. “She has a weakness for males in uniform, spending summers at Marbella…” the website states.

“C’mon what was I supposed to do? He was out of town and his two friends were so fine.” – Macarena lyrics.

Upon learning the real meaning behind the hit song, one music fan blurted out during the Huffington Post interview:  “What a bi*ch!”


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