Family of Murdered Marine Feels Betrayed

By Ann Rowland

The father of Lance Cpl. Greg Buckley Jr. was willing to pay his own way to Afghanistan in order to be in the courtroom for the trial of his son’s murderer.  So, betrayed, disrespected and abandoned is how he feels upon learning after the fact that the 17 year-old murderer was sentenced to only 7 ½ years for the shooting deaths of Buckley and two fellow Marines in August of 2012.  Now the family has written a letter to the Marine Corps telling them exactly how they feel.

In an interview with Fox News in August 2012, Greg Buckley Sr. said “He went over there.  He did what he was asked to do and the people he was training, helping over there turned on him.” Buckley and his fellow Marines were working out at the time and wearing only t-shirt and shorts.  They were virtually defenseless against the shooter who was identified as a minor through bone scan tests.

Since the execution style murders that were ordered by the local police chief, Buckley has been in constant contact with the Marine Corps asking them for a date for the trial.  Just the day before the trial started, he emailed an inquiry to the Marines about the trial date and received a response that he would be notified when the trial was to begin.  That “notification” came last Friday when the Marine Corps issued a statement saying that the man was tried as a minor in the Afghan court and received 7 ½ years for the murder of the three Marines.

The Buckley is not taking this lying down however and they aren’t going to just go away.  In a letter dated July 29th to Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Amos, the Buckley family wrote “The Marine Corps wants to provide no information about these murders. It wants to conduct no investigation. It wants the entire ‘incident’ to go away.”

The shooting occurred only days after Jason Brezler, a Marine Corps reservist and New York City firefighter responded to an urgent request for background information on a senior Afghan police official advising that the man had allegations of sexual abuse against him.  The shooter is alleged to be one of the senior police official’s assistants and possibly one of his victims.  Brezler was prosecuted for sending the email through unsecure channels.

A “shameful travesty” is how Buckley family Attorney Michael Bowe described the trial proceedings in this case in an article in The Marine Times.  “The Buckley family will not stop until this murderer is brought to justice in the United States, and laws are put in place to ensure no other Gold Star family is ever similarly abused.”

Greg Buckley, Sr. told Fox News that if he had the opportunity to make a Victim Impact Statement he would say that his son was proud to be a Marine but is ‘heart wrenching to be treated this way.”



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