Family devastated by young daughter and veteran grandfather’s terminal illness diagnosis

(Ally Parker/Facebook)

The young granddaughter of an ailing Air Force veteran is likely on her way to the next life from a terminal illness of her own, according to family sources.

Five-year-old Florida resident Braylynn Parker -the granddaughter of Air Force veteran Sean Peterson- is currently in the final stages of her battle with highly aggressive brain tumors known as Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Gliom (DIPG).

A photo of Parker and her grandfather was posted to social media several hours ago, reporting that there were hours to go as the young girl was placed in hospice care.

Reports on the child’s condition are mixed, with Braylynn’s mother, Ally Parker, stated on Facebook that the hour or two Braylynn was expected to live ended up being much longer- however, the most recent report was twelve hours ago.

“We will let her go tomorrow after everyone has had the chance to see her one more time,” Parker wrote in the early hours of this morning.

However, this afternoon, family social media pages began posting a photo of the five-year-old as an angelic fairy, a troubling, albeit vague sign of the prognosis.

Braylynn’s condition was not treatable with chemotherapy and she was only given a 10% survival rate, according to the family’s crowdfunding page.

“As you can imagine this is extremely heart-breaking to our family as our father is also dealing with ALS and is passing away as well,” Braylynn’s Aunt Shawnon wrote. “My sister is not ready to give her daughter up and they are both fighters.”

Attempts to reach out to friends and family were made but have not been returned as of yet.

A Facebook group dubbed “Braylynn’s Battalion” was set up in support of the little girl’s fight.

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