Fallen soldier’s motorcycle stolen from police officer son

First Sgt. Tom Warren's motorcycle was turned into a memorial after he was killed in Iraq on January 20th 2007.

A Little Rock, Arkansas man is devastated after discovering his motorcycle was stolen from his garage.

Zachary Warren, who is an investigator with the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office, told THV11 that the motorcycle doesn’t have much monetary value, but he is desperate to get it back due to the sentimental value it has.

“It’s something that would have never gone away. It’s something that would have been in our family for as long as it could have,” said Warren.

While it may be just a motorcycle to some people, to Warren, it is much more than that. In 2007, Warren’s father was serving overseas when his Black Hawk helicopter was shot down, killing him and eleven other passengers.  First Sgt. Tom Warren, 48, was a member of the helicopter’s four-man crew and died along side his Company Commander, Capt. Michael Taylor who was the pilot.

The Islamic State in Iraq, which at the time was an al-Qaida-linked coalition of Iraqi Sunni insurgents,  claimed that its fighters shot down the helicopter.

First Sgt. William T. Warren in Iraq. Photo Credit: Arlington National Cemetary
First Sgt. William T. Warren in Iraq. Photo Credit: Arlington National Cemetary

In a 2007 interview Zachary Warren said,”My Dad cherished his family and he loved what he did.”  He continued to say,  “He will be greatly missed. Thanks to e-mail we were able to stay in touch during his tour in Iraq. Usually he answered Mom first because he was so busy, but last Friday I e-mailed him and he instantly e-mailed me back. I am so thankful he did. All his best friends are still in Iraq.”

After his father’s death, Warren turned the motorcycle into a canvas that served as a tribute to the lives lost.  The Honda Shadow 750cc was custom painted to honor Warren’s father.

“We just wanted to keep their memory, their legacy alive,” said Warren. “The bike itself is only a couple of grand, but you add in the paint, everything everybody has donated, their time and efforts, I mean it’s priceless.”

On Tuesday, Warren discovered that the bike had been stolen from his apartment’s garage. According to him, the only thing that was left behind was the seat cushion of the bike, which was made out of pieces of his father’s military uniform.

“It’s the only thing I’ve got left of it,” said Warren.

Warren had a message for the person(s) responsible for stealing his bike.

“Just bring it back. Leave it somewhere public. It was something very dear to my family, and we’d just like to have it back.”

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