Fake Veteran’s organization endorses Trump, takes money from donors

Donald Trump leads a rally for the Military aboard the USS Iowa. Photo Credit: YouTube

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Donald Trump stood on the U.S.S. Iowa yesterday giving a speech that was being promoted as a “pro-military message in support of veterans.” Only problem is the sponsor for the event–Veterans for a Strong America – is a fake organization that has endorsed the frontrunner for the Republican nomination.

According to MSNBC, the group has only one member — its creator Joel Arends.

Arends, an attorney from South Dakota, is a decorated Iraq War veteran who introduced Trump at the rally Tuesday night, giving the candidate his group’s endorsement.

The event on the World War II Battleship in San Pedro, California was also billed as a fundraiser for the organization.  Trump delivered his big foreign policy speech and anyone who wanted to attend the event had to pay $1000 a pop for tickets. The recipient of the funds raised at last night’s event was reportedly this non-existent veterans group, according to Ring of Fire.

The most recent FEC filing for the PAC, for this group, shows they have $30 in cash on hand, and $318 in debts. Trump claimed at the event that the organization has hundreds of thousands of members.

According to the group’s website: “Veterans for a Strong America is a non-profit organization that educates Americans about the importance of a strong military that is second to none.”

The organization defended Trump, back in July, when he was saying offensive things about John McCain’s war record, and that the longtime Senator and POW was “not a war hero.”  The VFSA group put out a statement backing Trump and blaming McCain for the feud.  They said Trump has the highest respect for our military, and when “he is attacked by a detractor, he swings back.”

Trump, whose only connection to the military is that he went to a military-themed prep school in the 60’s, told his biographer that he “felt he was in the military in the true sense.”

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