Fake Special Forces Soldier busted at Airport

It seems that this guy thought it was a good idea to put on some ACU’s in order to receive special treatment at Green Airport in Warwick, Rhode Island.  Without even talking to the guy, any current or former military could tell he is a faker by looking at his jacked up uniform.  First, his collar is up and velcrowed (only Hollwood actors make that mistake) and he is sporting a civilian “Fox Tactical” patch, which is completely out of regs!

Apparently when the faker was confronted by the REAL soldier in this video he said that he was Special Forces at Fort Bragg.  Little did he know, the soldier confronting him is actually a SF operator!  Also, a good faker would know that there are no green berets sporting the rank of Private First Class!

This faker highlights a security issue that Airports should consider.  Civilians automatically assume that someone in uniform is in the military and trustworthy.  No one can deny that a person in uniform is also perceived by the public as less likely to commit an act of terrorism.

We should be asking the TSA why they do not require someone to show a CAC card and orders when travelling in uniform.

Stolen Valor Rhode Island Green Airport





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