Fake Sailor who disgraced fallen Marine’s parents sentenced

Mark Alan Kelly in an undated file photo.

Mark Alan Kelly, 55, was busted for pretending to be a Naval officer and even going as far as attending the funerals of fallen service members in full uniform.  In August of 2014, he donned his fake Navy uniform and presented the flag to the parents of a fallen Marine, who was killed in Afghanistan, at the funeral.  Despite these disgraceful acts dishonoring our military and veterans, they are not what led to Kelly’s recent conviction.  Yesterday, he was sentenced for producing counterfeit military ID cards and making false statements to federal agents.

He was not convicted under the Stolen Valor act even though there was plenty of evidence to suggest he had lied about military service for monetary gain.  According to the prosecution, Kelly told his landlord he was on active duty to receive a military discount on his rent as well as other financial benefits.

U.S. District Courts Judge Frank P. Geraci ordered Mark Kelly to three months in prison, 300 hours of community service at the Rochester Veterans Outreach Center and he must purchase 500 American flags to be placed on veteran’s graves at Mount Hope cemetery.  In addition to these punishments he must personally write a letter of apology to the parents of the Marine whose funeral he disgraced.

Kelly was busted after a confrontation with his landlord and a Rochester police officer.  According to this article, Kelly presented the officer and landlord with a fake military ID.  The landlord reported Kelly to naval investigators who were able to recover several fake ID cards from Kelly’s job.

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