Fake military man travels across country, scamming people out of money

A man who Tennessee officials contend is a well-known ‘stolen valor’ con artist is under arrest in Indiana for scamming people south of Indianapolis.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Department said Wednesday to ABC 6 News, James Schuder, 43, of Indianapolis, was arrested Tuesday on charges of deception, panhandling and false informing.

Sheriff Department spokesman Col. Doug Cox detailed for ABC 6 News an officer was dispatched to a local store when a passerby, who felt sorry for the man, summoned an officer to help.

ABC 6 New reports Schuder was approaching motorists with an empty gas can asking them for money so he could go home.

Police tell ABC 6 News Schuder told the officer several stories, including that he was a retired Marine — claiming to be a member of a unit that doesn’t exist.

Schuder also told the officer he is a Medal of Honor recipient, information authorities say is also false.

Other motorists have reported seeing Schuder dressed in military uniform working intersections and asking for money and free rides.

According to ABC News 6, police issued a warning about Schuder in February, dubbing him a “well-traveled con man,” but released him when prosecutors said no charges could be filed.

Schuder tells his hard-luck story and uses the uniform to gain sympathy for his situation.

According to ABC News 6, Schuder was arrested in Tennessee in 2009 for a similar scheme, according to a report in Knoxville-area newspaper.

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