Fake Marine veteran arrested, tries to dupe two military non-profits

A Central Kentucky man was arrested after pretending to be a wounded Marine so he could receive free services from two non-profits who serve them.

Veterans Airlift command – a non-profit dedicated to serving wounded warriors and their families – picked up on some discrepancies. VAC Chairman Walt Fricke, told Lex18.com, “it’s rare that someone would pose as a combat wounded warrior, but a recent applicant raised a red flag.”

Officials say Jeffrey Alcorn posed as a veteran suffering from PTSD, to get a service dog from a Georgia non-profit called “Paws for Life.” According to Fricke, Alcorn contacted the VAC hoping to be flown for free like any other veteran. Fricke said they played along knowing the man was a phony.

“We provided the airlift to take him down, and the airlift to bring he and his dog and his wife back to Lexington,” Fricke told local media.

Federal and state authorities arrested Alcorn upon his arrival back to Lexington, charging him with two counts of theft by deception.

Alcorn claimed he received a bronze star and purple heart, but Fricke said it was pretty obvious he forged the documents. “Googling this guy found that he probably wasn’t a Marine.” Fricke said.

Officials from Paws for Life have not yet commented about the case.

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