Fake Marine vet caught trying to get discount on pepper spray

He claims he was a Gunnery Sgt. stationed at Camp Pendleton.

But when confronted with more probing questions, it becomes clear that the man being recorded on this cell phone video is stealing valor.

When asked if he was retired, the man claimed he was “Section A: medically discharged.”

“You were a gunnery Sgt. over there, what pay grade is that?”

“It’s a G9,” the man says.

The person recording the exchange, later identifies himself as an Army veteran but initially tells the man he’s doing a school project — some documentaries –and asks, “Do you mind if I record this?”

While the conversation continues for a while after that, the man first says that he can’t talk on camera because he’s in “private contracting.” He goes on to say that he works ‘private security’ for non-profit organizations.

Then, pointing to his clothes, says “These are ACU’s.”

The soldier who posted the video on YouTube wrote: “Caught this POS in a tobacco store in Orange, CA trying to get a discount on pepper spray because he apparently was a purple heart recipient, gunny sergeant, recon, about to deploy.”

Apparently the man who was stopped on the sidewalk, graduated with a psych degree from Cal State, and went to officer training school.

“You got gunnery Sgt. in a year,” the service member asks. “I was only in Marine Corps for a year made it out of boot… was supposed to get Lieutenant – I went to basic OCS.”

“What MOS?”

“I was going for ‘211…. Recon.’”

The man accused of stolen valor says, he enlisted, went through boot camp and “jacked up his back.”

After boot, he got “accepted” into OCS, but didn’t make it.

The conversation turned heated when the dog tags were brought up. The anger in the Army vet’s voice becoming more and more noticeable.

When the man says the tags are from his contracting company, the veteran says, “You know I was actually in the Army and I have buddies who were in the Marine Corps who died wearing that.”

“It’s a federal offense, what you’re doing… Go home and take that f*?king sh*t off.” With thoughts of his buddies from the service who died in the line of duty, the vet continues:  “You gotta earn that sh*t – I better not see you around, stolen valor is a big deal …people died….I wear that uniform, I earned that.”

“Don’t go around telling people you were in — got that?”

The man responds: “I had family members who died too.”

“I will call the police next time I see you…. get out of my face,” the soldier says.

The poser leaves the parking lot, with these final words to the service member: “Don’t post that or there will be legal ramifications.”

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