Fake Marine Sniper sentenced for lying in court about military service

Shane G. Sperow

Berks County, PA – A man, who claimed to have served 14 years in the Marine Corps,  detailing a list of military accomplishments in a court hearing in February has admitted to being a fake.

Shane G. Sperow, 43, admitted he has never served as a Marine or with any military branch, pleading guilty to providing false statements to authorities.

Authorities said Sperow’s false claims of military valor earned him a lesser sentence than what prosecutors requested in February, according to the Reading Eagle.

Sperow gave his attorney a written statement, claiming he was a Marine sniper who earned two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star Medal, to submit to the court.

Judge Thomas G. Parisi cited Sperow’s supposed decorated military career before handing down a lighter sentence.

The fraud was discovered when the county adult probation office looked into his background and found no military records. The Marine Corps later confirmed there are no records of Sperow ever being a member of the corps or earning any awards.

Sperow was sentenced to an additional 18 months to three years in state prison for the fraud.  Including the sentencing for his original charges, Sperow will spend 21 months to five years in state prison and serve three years of probation.

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