Fake Army Ranger also impersonated a dead police officer

Sean Yetman, who was busted at a Pennsylvania mall for impersonating an Army Ranger in 2014.

Last week in Oxford Valley Mall [Langhorne, PA] a man was caught stealing valor in fatigues he said represented the 75th Ranger Regiment of the U.S. Army as a Staff Sergeant.  You may have seen him, alongside nearly 3 million other people via YouTube.

It seems now that Sean Yetman, 30, has a previous history of doing something like this.  In 2003, he was pulled over for in a routine traffic safety stop in Doylestown, PA, and was wearing the coat displaying the Philadelphia police badge. When questioned about it, Yetman claimed he was working out of the 26th district in Fishtown, but later claimed he was actually a ride-along in the police academy. After being unable to present any form of identification, Yetman was arrested.

The badge and jacket in question belonged to the late Robert Hayes. Hayes was killed in the line of duty in 1995, the Philadelphia Police Department confirmed. After speaking with Hayes’ widow, police learned that she had given her son one of the coats and badge.  Police claimed “She did not know how Yetman had come into possession of the jacket and the badge”.

Yetman was confronted about his military uniform this previous Friday. If that something about that sounds familiar, we’ll remind you that the Friday in question was black Friday. Authorities are still looking into any military discounts that Yetman may have received while shopping in fatigues that weren’t earned.

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