Fake Airman busted at Walmart buying hot dogs at 3:00 AM

UPDATE: The video has been removed after the servicemembers involved admitted to us that this was a spoof that was not intended for the public.

A man wearing an Airman’s uniform was confronted by someone with a camera at Walmart.  The supposed faker claimed he was able to wear his uniform incorrectly because he is “Special Forces.”  He also could not come up with an answer for what unit or duty station he was assigned to.

The person recording the video questions the supposed faker about his blue shirt, but some Air force Units have “moral shirts” that are any color their unit chooses.  They wear them on Fridays and pens are authorized in the pants on the right side.  None of this would explain why he is in uniform* while in a different state than where he is supposedly stationed as well as claiming to be “Special Forces.”  There is a possibility that this airmen is faking Stolen Valor, which would only be a quick way to get himself in trouble if someone in his chain of command sees this.


*Military Uniforms are not authorized for travel or vacation unless the servicemember is on official orders.


  • Michael Swaney

    Michael is an Army veteran and the Director of Content for Bright Mountain Media LLC

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