Facebook Page claims “Military parents abuse their children”

A Facebook page that claims to represent all military kids called “Military parents abuse their children,” has made it their goal to highlight what they say is a proven link between military enlistment and child abuse. After popping up a few weeks ago, the page has caused a great amount of outrage.

“It`s a slap in the face because I know how much I pride myself in being a good military father,” says Lieutenant Tyree Barnes.

Military parents like Barnes are the targets of this page. Barnes goes on to explain how difficult is it being a father in the military, having been deployed for most of his son’s first year of life. According to FOX2NOW.com, one post demanded a law where military parents would be kicked out of the service and their kids put in foster care. Another post proposes daughters who have parents deployed will turn into strippers.

“It’s tasteless,” he says. “It’s trying to pick the nerves of military members.”

Military child abuse only accounts for a small fraction of local cases, according to experts. Cases such as two Hampton Roads sailors, Micah Patterson and Daniel Lunsford, who in two unrelated events, abused and murdered their girlfriends’ babies.

The creators of the page only identified themselves as “a staff of men and women who tired of turning a blind eye to military child abuse.” Other Facebook pages and a petition with over 3,300 signatures have been created have the Facebook page taken down.

Popular Military was unable to find the Facebook page and assumes that it has been taken down.


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