F-16s scrambled to escort Delta flight to Tuscon because of threat against aircraft

A Delta Airlines flight was diverted to Tucson International Airport because of an unruly passenger who was interfering with the flight crew.  Yesterday, the flight took off from San Antonio and was headed to LAX but the decision to divert was made after the passenger started threatening flight attendants.

Officials were contacted by the Delta flight crew around 4:30 P.M., who stated the suspect made a verbal threat to the aircraft.

The call prompted two Air Force F-16s to scramble to ground the aircraft, according to the Tucson Airport Authority.

According to Ryan Healy, a passenger who live tweeted on Delta flight 5720, the suspect appeared to have a breakdown and was uncooperative.

“We were just escorted down by two F-16s” read a tweet from Ryan Healy.

After the aircraft landed in Tucson the suspect was detained and removed from the aircraft by FBI and Tucson Police Department.

There were about 80 people on the flight who were forced to deplane, go through security again and continue on their original flight to LAX.

The suspect is in FBI custody and his identity has yet to be released.

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