F-16 crashed near Bagram Airfield, pilot ejected

An F-16 Fighting Falcon takes off from Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan, March 9, 2011. The 4th EFS launch F-16s around the clock in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Photo by Capt. Erick Saks

An American F-16 of the 455th Air Expeditionary Wing crashed shortly after takeoff during a sortie this evening.

According to a statement from Air Force official, enemy fire was not a factor in the crash, which is now under investigation.

The pilot ejected safely and was rescued by coalition troops. Shortly after, he was evaluated by medical staff at the Craig Joint Theater Hospital at Bagram. It is unknown if he is still in their care or has been released for duty.

Dubbed the Fighting Falcon but better known as the “Viper”, the F-16 is one of the most common aircraft in the USAF arsenal, which provide Combat Air Patrols and Close Air Support for troops on the ground in Afghanistan on  24-hour basis.


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