Experimental “brain zapping” Helps Veterans with PTSD

Veterans suffering from physical and mental wounds have been making drastic recoveries thanks to a new procedure called magnetic resonance therapy, or MRT.

According to the Washington Post, an MRT, or “brain zapping” as some of the vets have dubbed it, is a procedure that pulses energy from magnetic coils into the cortex. The treatment is available at the Brain Treatment Center in Newport Beach, California.

Former Army Staff Sergeant Jonathan Warren, 32, is one of many veterans to undergo the procedure and has praised its results recently at a conference held at the headquarters of Oakley, a leading manufacturer of recreational and military gear, at a session called “Healing the Warrior Brain.”

Warren is no longer plagued by panic attacks, booze benders, and probably worst of all, the memory of failing to rescue his best friend who nearly burned to death after Humvee hit a roadside bomb in 2006. He told the audience the treatment gave him back his brain and set “my frequencies right.”

President Obama has launched an initiative to understand and map the brain, but some doctors, such as Yi Jin the Brain Treatment Center’s medical director, think the plan is too focused on mapping and should focus more on exploring potential cures. Jin has used MRT for PTSD, autism and other disorders despite limited evidence that it works.

More than 100 veterans have been through treatment with Jin and according to him “One hundred percent responded with very visible change.” Jin has also hired 10 veterans including 30 year old Ryan Wood, an ex-Army squad leader, who received the treatment himself. Wood is now the center’s operations coordinator and describes the sensation of the therapy by saying, “It’s almost like a magnetic massage, a little tickle.”

Jin notes that you can monitor a patient’s progress using the procedure and believes he has found the route to a solid diagnoses in the electroencephalography reading of vets. The treatment is free of charge to former service members.

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