Executive Officer of secret US hunter-killer submarine sacked due to poor judgement

USS Jimmy Carter (Navy photo by Lt. Cmdr. Michael Smith/Released)

The “number two” man aboard the attack submarine USS Jimmy Carter has been relieved of command following a “loss of confidence” in his personal judgement, according to Navy sources.

Lieutenant Commander Johnathan Cebik has been reassigned from XO duty aboard the Seawolf-class attack sub and is now with another squadron.

Serving aboard the Carter since 2018, Cebik was once hailed as an “incredible asset,” and his firing is just one of many that happened around the same time last week.

“They happen every year, and they tend to happen in little cluster groups. I can’t explain that. I don’t think anyone can,” Navy contractor Bryan McGrath said.

According to Fox News, the Jimmy Carter is a submarine much more fearsome than its namesake, and has been a favorite secret of the US Navy since it was spotted entering the Washington coast flying a Jolly Roger flag in 2017.

The super-secret submarine is 450-foot-long and is specifically designed to conduct covert sea operations.

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