Exclusive: New details emerge about soldier who had wife’s body in his car

Soldiers close to the US Army Infantryman -who murdered his wife in Louisiana and was caught transporting her body in the trunk of his mistresses’ car- are shocked that he was capable of such a heinous crime, describing him as a “happy guy” and questioning the command climate of his unit.

When 22-year-old Corporal Logan Kyle was arrested on Sunday for the murder of his wife, nobody in his unit -Alpha Company, 2/30 Infantry Regiment of the 10th Mountain Division’s 3rd Brigade Combat Team- could have imagined he was capable of murder.

“He was always a happy dude,” one source familiar with Kyle told Popular Military, on request that their name and gender remain anonymous. “He was always making jokes, no matter how much things sucked. He never seemed angry, never.”

The Soldier -who was in the same company as Kyle- said that Kyle and his wife, Shelena Kyle, had had marital problems after she admitted cheating on him while he was deployed to Iraq in 2017.

“While we were there, she told him that she slept with someone,” the source said. “That started an ‘on-again, off-again’ rift in their marriage.”

By all anonymous accounts, the couple seemed to be doing alright up until September, around the time Kyle graduated from the Basic Leader’s Course (BLC).

“He just graduated BLC,” the source said. “She was there, and according to posts she made on social media with ultrasound pictures, we think she was pregnant.”

Despite her infidelity, soldiers claim Mrs. Kyle was “really nice” and a “gamer nerd.”

“She was really tiny,” one source said. “It wouldn’t be hard to overpower her.”

The common consensus within the company and battalion is that she died of asphyxiation, though it is unsure whether she was strangled or drowned.

Still, the most puzzling thing for everyone to mull over is how Kyle could have been capable of the crime.

“If you lined the entire company up and told me to pick the five people most capable of murdering someone, Kyle wouldn’t even be near the top of that list,” one source said. “We’re all in complete disbelief.”

Others point to a poor command climate within Alpha Company, whose commander allegedly cracked jokes shortly after 20-year-old Corporal Todd McGurn was killed in a preventable friendly-fire incident in Iraq last November.

“The command is very callous,” one source said. “The commander made jokes about being no stranger to “sending one home in a body bag” right after McGurn was killed. Someone shot him with a live round during close-quarters pistol drills and the medic froze up when McGurn needed to be treated. It was an accident, but he died pretty slowly. It was a disaster.”

On the day the news broke that Kyle had killed his wife, Alpha Company’s Commander and First Sergeant seemed to be in a jovial mood as they went in to be briefed.

“They were laughing about something as they walked inside,” a source noted. “It was surreal.”

Some believe that Kyle’s atrocious act might have stemmed from the environment within the company.

“It really makes you think,” one source said, “What was the climate within the company like, that made someone like Kyle feel that murder was his only option?”

Kyle was captured by the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office, who have since turned him over to US Army CID investigators. His mistress, 24-year-old Sarah Parker, was sent to the Calcasieu Correctional Center. During the traffic stop that led to the arrest, it was revealed that Parker’s two young children were in the back seat of the car. They have since been turned over to protective services.

Logan and Shelena Kyle had been married for around two years.

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