Exclusive: Jill intervenes during Joe’s unexpected speech to wounded warriors after he freezes

By Michael Swaney

Before the start of Wednesday’s Wounded Warrior Project’s annual Soldier Ride, which started at the White House lawn, Dr. Jill Biden spoke about the steps the Biden administration has taken to expand care for veterans.

The multiday bike ride began in 2004 to help raise awareness for injured veterans and the tradition of starting the ride from the White House began in 2008.

“My husband often says that we have many obligations as a nation but only one sacred obligation: to support you and your families when we send you into harm’s way and when you return,” the First Lady said of her husband, who is hoping to secure a second term as president.

The White House released video coverage of her speech that covered topics such as, quality home health care, providing benefits and care for veterans harmed by toxins, preventing homelessness, and even helping spouses of active-duty and retired servicemembers.

“You and your families deserve nothing less than our unconditional respect and support,” she said. “That’s what Joining Forces – my White House initiative to support military and veteran families, caregivers, and survivors – is all about.”

In addition to Jill’s remarks, President Biden made an unexpected speech after signing a $95 billion war aid bill.

The White House only released video and transcripts of Jill’s speech, but Popular Military obtained exclusive video of the President’s remarks.

In the video, President Biden can be seen sitting next to medically retired Navy Chief Petty Officer Sharona Young, presumably before the First Lady’s official remarks were given at the start of the ride.

“To our Warriors, look around at the crowd, and know for every mile to come we ride with you,” Dr. Jill Biden said.

“Isn’t that right Joe?” she asked, before President Biden stood up and approached the podium on the White House’s South lawn.

After grabbing the microphone, Biden began to deliver what the Associated Press briefly mentioned as unexpected remarks.

“Hey folks, sorry I’m…(undiscernible),” he said. “Just signed and finishing up a bill that I think all the wounded warriors and warriors care about,” he added.

“We just finally -thank God- provided the need to protect Ukraine with the money they need.”

He stated he would be brief in his speech because he needed to go back into the White House to make a call but took a moment to thank the warriors.

“You are the spine of America,” he said before taking a long pause and saying, “that is not an exaggeration.”

After this statement, Jill quickly moved toward him with her hands out to touch his back but ended up standing at his side once he began to speak again.

“I really mean it, you are the backbone, the spine of America,” he said.

Jill eventually redirected him back towards the podium but he continued speaking while making a joke about Jill “kicking him in the rear end” if he didn’t finish up.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, one percent of you, one percent of you defend all of us,” he said to conclude his speech.

“One percent of that, those of you who are wounded like our son who died are the ones who kept this country what it is,” he added before the video ended.

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