Evangelist soldier claims God told him about the government shut down

The “Fire and Brimstone” self-proclaimed preacher of Fort Campbell -who had baptized a soldier shortly before he drowned in a swollen creek in 2016– is now claiming that God told him about the government shutdown, going so far as to call himself a prophet.

Reportedly under threat of being discharged in 2017, Staff Sergeant Marcus Rogers recently filmed himself walking around the aircraft park at Fort Campbell’s Pratt Museum.

During his chat with, well, whoever was watching, Rogers claimed that the New World Order was on the rise and that God had told him so.

“A New World Order is on the rise, man,” he said. “You better believe it.”

Rogers claims that he prayed on such matters and was informed by God that the shutdown would occur, just as he had been told that the 45th President of the United States would be Donald J. Trump.

“If you’ve been looking at what [I’ve] been posting the last four years,” he added, “I haven’t been wrong.”

Comparing himself to Noah building an Ark, he warned people of the end times, which he claims “are gonna come.”

“Casual Christians are gonna be casualties,” he said.

Rogers then went on to preach more gloom and doom before the video ended.

It is currently unknown if Rogers is still serving with the US Army, or if he simply went on the Kentucky-based post to broadcast his message.

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