Enlisted soldier chokes Army officer across room with Christmas present

“Airzooka is the original hand-held, kid-powered toy that blows a harmless ball of air towards any object or person.”

A few changes to this toy’s description can simply describe how this toy’s intended use can change really quickly…

In the Q and A section of one AirZooka reseller’s account, a person asked, “can you fart into it and blow it into someones face across the room?”

A soldier gave this perfect response:

” I can confirm this. I received one of these as a Christmas gift while deployed. Naturally, it only took a few minutes for two of my soldiers to attempt firing a fart through it. The key is to have the “gunner” cock and hold the weapon while the “loader” does his thing. It took nearly two full seconds for the blast to cross the tent, resulting in the Major suddenly flailing his arms and yelling “oh, gawed! I got it in my mouth!”

“Airzooka is the original hand-held, soldier-powered toy that blows a not-so-harmless ball of stinky farts towards superior officers.”

If you don’t believe that this works, watch this video:

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