Elderly woman arrested for assaulting “black b***h” soldiers in uniform

Macon, GA – An altercation took place between two female Soldiers and an ill-mannered Georgia family- and it is all caught on tape.

72-year-old Judy Tucker and her son Robbie, reportedly followed the two uniformed women into a Cheddars restaurant on Saturday evening, reportedly calling the women “black b*itches” and adding that they “didn’t know they allowed lesbians to serve.”

Tucker and her son then continued to harass the women as they waited for seating, prompting the soldiers to film the encounter as a nearby patron did the same.

“Don’t you take a picture of me!” Tucker angrily screamed as she charged at the two female soldiers, one of them being pregnant with child. “You do not have a right to take a picture of me!”

One of the female soldiers, identified as a Captain, continually tried to diffuse the situation, respectfully referring to Tucker as “Ma’am” while attempting to keep her from striking the pregnant soldier again.

Bystanders eventually jumped into the melee, moving the disturbed woman and her aggressive son away from the soldiers.

Tucker was arrested and booked into the Bibb County Jail on a Simple Battery charge, where she was released on a $650 bond three hours later.

According to YouTube uploader LaKeycia Ward, the Tucker family was upset because the two soldiers did not wait for them to back into a handicapped parking spot at the restaurant.

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