Elder Italian loses patience with people panicking worse “than WWII”

Italy has had enough of COVID-19, and it’s starting to show in the form of frustration over pasta procurement.

The country, which has effectively shuttered its doors and put a halt to non-essential operations in response to a massive outbreak of coronavirus, causing massive economic ramifications and effectively setting off a domino-effect of panic purchasing.

The rampant panic-buying has depleted supplies in grocery stores, and has all but eradicated local grocery stores of one staple of Italian life: pasta.

One frustrated Italian man was seen complaining of the matter, harkening back to older, more simple times.

“The pasta shelves are empty,” the man said in the video, which was posted to Twitter. “What’s happening? There wasn’t this much panic when World War II started!”

Italy was particularly hard-hit during World War II, especially after the country had been overrun by Allied forces.

Some areas, such as Vicenza (where the US 173rd Airborne Brigade now resides), were so short on meat that people allegedly began to eat cats (as they also reportedly did during the plague), leading to local residents being referred to as mangiagatti, or “cat eaters.”

While the line between urban legend and fact remain blurred on this one, it is still pretty funny.

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