E-5 says Active-Duty is easier than Reserves, says AD vets have PTSD because “they don’t know what the F- to do”

A US Army National Guardsman went on a public rant over the differences between active duty Army and being in the reserves, claiming that non-reservists are often aimless after twenty years of service.

Soldier Andy Jane, who has 6,400 subscribers on YouTube believes that the Army National Guard is a good choice, be it for benefits or other reasons.

“To say that there’s no point in the reserves or that you shouldn’t join the reserves is bogus,” she said.

Jane said that being in the reserves or National Guard is not an easy job, particularly because you must maintain military discipline in spite of a civilian lifestyle.

“You have to have that mind, that strength of mind power and will,” she said. “Dedication to PT on your own and pass a PT test twice a year.”

On the active duty side of the military, Jane had little nice to say.

“In the active duty world, everything is provided for you,” she said.

“Your career is literally mapped out for you,” she continued. “Everything about when you wake up, when you take a s***, when you go do this, when you go do that. All you have to do is have the dedication to do your job.”

Jane argued that “motherfu**ers do 20 years in active duty and don’t know what the f*** to do when they get out,” which leads to rises in depression and PTSD.

In closing, Jane claimed she could never be in active duty, as people are too closed-minded and simply “don’t have s*** else to do.”

“Your life is planned out for you,” she said.

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