E-4 says Army is F-ing terrible, forced to do “dumb sh*t,” stays motivated by dipping and napping

A US Army YouTuber with the 1st Infantry Division is currently “deployed” to Poland- and sure is whining a lot for a guy who isn’t getting shot at.

PFC P. Wilson, and intelligence analyst with the Big Red One, seems to be pretty unhappy with his deployment to Poland, a NATO partner state that feels the tension when Russia starts rattling sabers.

Previously featured in a showdown between Army YouTubers, “P-Will” was last seen trying to get a combat patch, but it appears that he has yet to get the deployment he wanted.

Tasked with moving a stack of boxes, Wilson opted to get an opinion on the task, courtesy of Specialist-promotable Morrison.

“F****ng terrible,” Morrison said of his duty day. “I got into work and got f****ng told to do dumb sh*t by our [redacted].”

Morrison then pointed out that they should have a truck to bring the boxes over, rather than walking them down the street. While the idea held merit. Morrison would soon discover that the truck initially tasked to pick up the items would never come, making the entire task pointless.

“It’s just a Big, Red, ‘Onederful’ day,” Wilson said.

Morrison explained that he copes by putting in a “fat lip” of tobacco in his mouth, followed by a few cigarettes and a lunch time nap.

While the accommodations on the Polish military base were rather spartan, there was still a clean bedroom, showers, a nice dining facility, and a pretty sweet gym, where civilian clothes can be worn.

That and, you know, nobody is shooting at PFC Wilson, so life is pretty good.

While the dining facility was closed after Wilson got back from the gym, the “rough” living intel Soldier managed to get some fast food through Uber eats.

Wilson has 1,800 subscribers but still doesn’t have that combat patch he’s hoping for.

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