E-4 disappears as man asks Nat. Guard if they are rounding up NY’ers for camps

A self-styled “First Amendment Auditor” in a small Rhode Island town decided to take it upon himself to ensure the Rhode Island National Guard weren’t acting like “Nazis.”

“Chase,” who submits video to the YouTube channel “T.A.R- The Allen Report,” approached the National Guardsmen at the Waverly train station, which is located less than 200 meters from the Rhode Island-Connecticut border.

“They have military personnel outside of the train, gathering people’s information,” Chase said, sporting a thick neckbeard and a reflective jacket as he stared into his own camera. “Basically, like, uh, Stalin and freakin’ Nazi Germany over here.”

The Guardsmen -mostly truck drivers by trade- appeared bored and uninterested in their assignment, with nary a hand outside of their respective pockets.

When Chase made contact with the Guardsmen, the expressions on their faces ranged from confusion to annoyance.

When one staff sergeant told chase they were out advising people, Chase cranked the false equivalency up to eleven.

“Did you know that Hitler did the same thing in Nazi Germany?” he said. “They asked for people’s papers.”

As Chase walked away, Guardsmen hoping for a break from the camera-wielding man were soon disappointed after he looped around and got even closer to them.

“What’s your MOS?” he asked.

“Truck drivers,” the staff sergeant responded, looking at his troops with a dull expression.

Chase then asked them what they thought about “chemtrails.”

At this point, one specialist grew tired of the banter and walked away, never to be seen on camera again.

Chase would eventually “sign off,” much to the dismay of his similarly-minded fans watching his live feed.

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