Drunk Marine breaks into home to cook food, tells homeowner to ‘go back to sleep’

A Marine under the influence of alcohol was arrested after breaking into a home to apparently cook himself some food.

If Nineteen-year-old Gavin Crim was not in the Marine Corps, he would have undoubtedly made the headlines as an infamous “Florida Man.”

Crim is accused of breaking into a Dunedin, Florida, home just after 4 a.m. Tuesday, according to police. When confronted by the homeowner, Crim reportedly told them to ‘go back to sleep,’ CBS reports.

It was not until the homeowner threatened to call the police that Crim fled the home.  He was eventually found by police in a “thick wooded and swampy” area behind the home.

During a police interview, Crim admitted to breaking into the home through an unlocked rear door.  His arrest report states he was under the influence of alcohol and was charged with burglary.

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