Drill sergeant roasted for “stomp the yard” performance with soldiers in AIT

Let’s be honest: there is hardly anyone who likes Drills and Cadence (D&C) in the military.

Aside from those who took JROTC way too seriously and those who have a love for dog & pony shows, nobody enjoys standing in the hot sun, marching around a certain way, and standing in pointless lines for extended periods of time.

However, that small minority of personnel does exist- and they will find all kinds of ways to remind you just how much you hate D&C.

Enter 369th Signal Battalion’s Alpha Company. Based out of Fort Gordon, GA, the company somehow established a D&C team as part of Advanced Individual Training, and the results are… Well, they’re as cringe-inducing as one might expect.

Mixing “Stripes” with “You Got Served” and a little bit of “Bring It On,” the D&C performance is elaborate to say the least.

One major source of contention, however, was the team performing a salute while at parade rest. Not just the Drill Sergeant, mind you- the whole D&C team (save one individual presenting arms with an M16).

Receiving a blessing from CSM Gordon to “set the field on fire,” the team performed the bizarre display with absolute seriousness , injecting a recital of the Soldier’s Creed and other things that tend to be resigned to a Soldier’s “memory box” of things that stay at TRADOC.

Originating on YouTube, the video drew much criticism, with one person stating, “This looked like high school, college ROTC, stomp the yard all rolled into one! What a cluster f_ _ _ !”

“WTF, this is pathetic. Saluting while not at the position of attention…….GTFO! Straight joke,” said another viewer.

Another viewer questioned, “this video is titled “Best cadence caller in the US Army?”

The video ended with hooting and hollering, rhyming, and other revelries that made one thing very clear: while they may both be in Georgia, Fort Gordon is not Fort Benning.

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