Drill Sergeant goes on viral rant saying Army is full of “fat f*ck” leaders

(Warning: Graphic language)

Following the success of his viral video that delivered “tough love” encouragement for the obese and unmotivated to shed dangerous weight, former Drill Sergeant and fitness motivator John Burk sent another jolt through social media- this time explaining the circumstances behind his decision to leave the military.

Citing an “infestation of toxic leadership” and double standards that have transformed the military into a “corrupt organization of Betas”, Burk tears into issues that many wish to address but feel unable to due in large part to their current military standing.

The video, which has gone viral among military circles, has drawn both praise and criticism. In response to requests from readers, Popular Military contacted Burk in an exclusive interview to get his side of the story concerning the video.

Burk reports that he has been a civilian for “about four days” since February 1st and that he has been quite busy getting his websites, business and various projects up and running. His current endeavors have him launching his In The Arena fitness branding, doing cooperative ventures with Grunt Style as well as some pending trips to the United Kingdom to meet up with one of the companies backing him.

About to get my DD 2-14!!!

Posted by John Burk on Friday, January 29, 2016

When asked about the circumstances surrounding the video, Burk stated that it was unfair that he had to “counsel a Private for not meeting weight when higher up members of leadership were getting by because they had friends above them watching their backs” and that he had grown tired of the corruption and cliques that form when enough corrupt people obtain rank.

Burk, himself passed over for promotion, cited numerous and allegedly illegal actions by a former senior leader that resulted in poor evaluation and threats to the careers of Burk’s immediate supervisors who dared contest the evaluation. “I love the Army’, he said as he reflected upon the circumstances that led to his decision to get out, ‘However, you can only get punched in the face so many times”.

Ultimately, Burk feels he can do more for the military and veterans from the outside than he could working within the system. He said he plans on taking on the VA’s poor care of veterans. He has already been doing research to help try to find better methods to ensure veterans get the help they need. In addition, he has also been working with the Facebook- based group Soldiers Without Borders (who uses a community-based method in providing various methods of aid to those who need it) and has assisted several veterans, taking great pride in helping prevent several potential veteran suicides.

When asked of his final thoughts, Burk paused.

“I’m going to change the world”, he said.

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