Dozens of US-trained bomb-sniffing dogs ‘slaughtered’ in Kuwait

The bodies of between 24 and 40 dogs piled on top of one another after they were reportedly euthanized due to a contract falling through. (Facebook)

What’s being described by some as a “horrifying animal abuse massacre” involving US-trained  bomb-sniffing dogs is now being investigated.

In a disturbing post on Instagram, by the Kuwait Animal Rescue Unit,  the bodies of dozens of  dogs are seen piled on top of each other at Eastern Securities of Kuwait.

The post claims that the American company ‘slaughtered’ more that 2 dozen bomb-sniffing dogs due to their contract being revoked with Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC).

KNPC reportedly paid Eastern Securities $9,900 a month, for each of the dogs, which were reportedly trained at a facility in Louisiana — the Miami Herald reports.

The US company claims that the animals were euthanized because of ongoing health issues like tumors, cataracts, chronic diarrhea and hip dysplasia.

German Shepards killed kuwait

An employee with the securities company told the Arab Times that his employer had planned to put the dogs down “in smaller groups” but that a staff member at the  kennel “jumped the gun” and has since been fired.

In a statement released on the Kuwait News Agency website, KNPC said it has “no links to the reported ‘execution’ of sniffer dogs that were supposed to be used by the company according to deal with a local contractor”.

According to KNPC, they cancelled the contract with Eastern Securities because “a third party tested the dogs’ ability to detect hidden explosives at oil rigs and the dogs did not pass the tests.”

In an Instagram post shared last week by a former employee of the US company, it stated that a brave lawyer, avid animal lover and advocate filed a complaint at the local police station against the securities company. According to that same post, the environment police and municipality registered the case.

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