Do Navy SEALs get cheated on a lot or is news reporting really this bad?

An all-too-familiar face is once again “gracing” the viral circuits of the internet— and mainstream media outlets can’t seem to get her story straight.

Selena Green Vargas, who helped perpetuate the (often true) stereotype of military girlfriends and spouses having fidelity issues while their significant others are away, made headlines after she was identified in an adult film.

Vargas was reportedly the boyfriend of a US Army recruit, who had finished Basic Combat Training around 2015 and requested she come to the graduation, where they took a photo together.

Following the rendezvous, Vargas agreed to appear in what was described as an “underwhelming” pornographic film, in which she wore the same outfit she wore to her boyfriend’s leave.

Internet sleuths, managing to put two and two together, tied Vargas to the adult film, making her boyfriend the butt of many “Jody” jokes.

Nearly ten years later, Vargas is still used as a meme template, particularly when it comes to jokes regarding how US Servicemen can’t seem to find a loyal woman who won’t cheat on them the moment they are away.

Vargas was the subject of several poorly written articles that made a resurgence in early 2023, mostly with metadata or author sources indicating they were written by authors out of South Asia.

Some of the articles, including one shared by mainstream news firm Medium, were published despite poor fact-checking and hilariously bad grammar.

“A Navy SEAL posted an unidentified picture of himself and his girlfriend, Selena Vargas, on 4Chan a few years ago,” the author wrote. “The Navy SEAL asked people what they thought about the picture and how they’d rate it. Many people criticized his outfit, but some said the girl was an adult star.”

It should be noted that a screenshot of the archived 4Chan thread clearly points out that users explained that the serviceman in question was in the US Army.

That didn’t stop the author from continuing with the “Navy SEAL” tale, nor did it appear to stop the editors at Medium from letting it slide past their desks without so much as a glance.

“Someone posted a picture of Selena Vargas in one of her scenes,” the article continued. “She wore the same outfit as the Navy SEAL in his shared vision. The story grew until it was said that the guy in the picture was the victim of his girlfriend’s lies, but no one knew what was happening.”

On WhatsMind, an almost identical article surfaced, complete with hilarious translation errors including “Where Selene Green Got Disappeared? “

While the subject of all these “articles” has seemingly attempted to vanish from public life, one thing is for certain— the internet is forever, and Vargas will forever be a 20-something-year-old Jody collaborator, frozen in time with an “underwhelming” sex scene.

…And truth be told, that’s probably going to fuel clickbait articles for decades to come.

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