Discharged Navy SEAL Carl Higbie speaks about Bergdahl and tough restrictions

During an interview on the Fox News “Dealing with the Enemy” broadcast, former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie spoke out about Bergdahl and tough restrictions.

The host of the broadcast introduced Higbie as a former Navy Seal who was punished, after killing one the world’s most wanted terrorists, for writing a book against President Obama’s policies. Although the book, titled “Battle on the Home Front, a Navy SEAL’s Mission to Save the American Dream” revealed no operational details, it caused enough controversy that Higbie was forced to retire.

When asked about writing a book criticizing military and politics, Higbie responded, “It was critical but at the same time I did identify the President as my commander and chief and that I would obey his orders. I just disagreed with his policies.”

“I offered simple solutions to fix the problem. That was it,” Higbie said. “Bergdahl is the problem. And they stuck him in a desk job and put him back on active duty.”

It was pointed out that the military was quick to get rid of Higbie. They cracked down on him, punished him, took his job away and gave him a lousy job. The host continued by pointing out that this guy (Bergdahl), who many people know as a deserter, still has a job.

Higbie responded, “It is unbelievable to me. Full pay, wanting to retire him at full benefits. The State Department has not listened to his entire platoon who had complained about him the entire time he was in the unit.”

“They are sacrificing our troops at the altar of political correctness. You have Army soldiers overseas getting pink slips while their families are struggling to pay the bills,” he said. “But they are giving him (Bergdahl) $300,000 in back pay. They (the military) need to seriously look into this. And it needs to not be politically motivated.”

Back in August 2012, the Fox News Insider reported on Higbie and his forced retirement.

Having served as a Navy SEAL for nine years, he was forced to retire after speaking out against President Obama’s policies.

Higbie was threatened with a dishonorable discharge for writing the book, “Battle on the Home Front,” but instead was able to simply retire.

“My commanders were more concerned about how the fallout of this book would affect their careers than they were concerned about how re-electing President Obama would affect the country,” Higbie said in 2012.

He discussed the controversy surrounding the book saying, “It really points out how there is an agenda on Capitol Hill. It needs to be called attention to. There are so many things right now that are destroying this country.”


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