Disabled veteran vandalized his own truck with anti-police graffiti to steal money from donors

Scott Lattin, a disabled veteran, made national news after making disturbing claims his family’s only means of transportation was vandalized by ‘Black Lives Matter’ activists.

Lattin told Whitney police on Sept. 8 someone tagged his truck with “Black Lives Matter” and other anti-cop graffiti because he displayed pro-police messages on the pickup.

After claiming that their only vehicle was seriously damaged, people from near and far reached out to the Lattin family to show their support.

But Friday, Scott Lattin was arrested for making a false police report.

Whitney Police Chief Chris Bentley said his investigators became suspicious when they saw the media coverage of the story and noticed that there were discrepancies with the original video they had.

Chief Bentley tells Fox 4 that when officers took the original report, there was no damage to the inside of the truck. But in media coverage afterwards, video showed the glove box was ripped off and the seats slashed.

Lattin denies vandalizing the outside of the vehicle with spray-paint. However, in the arrest warrant affidavit, it says he admitted to damaging the inside for insurance purposes. Police are not looking for anymore suspects.

Longtime residents of the small town of 2,000 say secrets don’t’ live long in Whitney. When hearing about the arrest one resident said, “this makes me sick.”

A Go Fund Me account was set up to help raise money for the Lattin family. That account raised nearly $6,000, according to Fox4.  Car dealers and body shops even offered to help with the repairs.  The police dept. is now working with the DA’s office to somehow get the money back to all the “duped donors.”

Chief Bentley said one social media post in particular bothered him. It said: ‘My husband is an officer, I can give you $25 because that’s all I can afford.’  That just ripped at my heart,” Bentley said.

When Popular Military first covered the story, Lattin’s 18-year-old son was visibly upset over the whole ordeal, and said he wanted to become a police officer one day.

He declined to comment about his father’s arrest.


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