Disabled veteran entrapped, threatened at Wendy’s drive thru outside military base

A disabled veteran in Colorado Springs was allegedly harassed and threatened by an angry motorist last Tuesday, all while Wendy’s employees laughed at her.

The incident was recorded on the alleged disabled veteran’s dash camera while she waited in line at the drive-thru at around twenty-past midnight, and shows a man in an Impala pulling up alongside the vehicle queued in front of the veteran.

“Why is this car pulling alongside this other car?” a female voice, presumed to be the veteran, can be heard from inside the vehicle.

As the initial vehicle pulled away, a heavy-set male bounded from the Impala, cutting in front of the veteran and approaching the service window on foot.

Honking her horn, the veteran asked what he was doing, prompting several other people to appear from the car and threaten her.

“Shut yo ass up,” one woman can be heard shouting from the Impala. “Shut up.”

The female occupant then left the Impala and began posturing threateningly towards the veteran, ultimately being held back and returned to the car by the driver.

All the while, Wendy’s employees smiled upon the situation as they continued to serve the individual who cut in line.

The driver of the Impala repeatedly went back and forth to his vehicle, eventually boxing the veteran’s vehicle in as he got his food.

When the Impala finally pulled away, the Wendy’s employees acted as if nothing had happened.

“So, unfortunately, we are out of our lemonade,” the employee said.

The veteran didn’t miss a beat, calmly asking that the drink be pulled from the meal and the cost discounted.

The incident -in which the recording was posted to YouTube -took place at the Wendy’s Palmer Park Blvd location in Colorado Springs.  The restaurant is the closest Wendy’s location to Peterson Air Force Base.

Popular Military contacted the establishment’s manager, who denied knowing anything about the video up until she was informed by the publication. Upon review, she stated that the employees -who were allegedly under 18 years of age- have no obligation to confront such situations and that she “was not quite sure why” the dismounted customer was served in the first place, as policy states that employees are supposed to lock the window if foot traffic approaches.

“I don’t understand how my staff has anything to do with what happened,” the manager said

Before referring investigators to district management, the Wendy’s manager added that the night shift manager did not report the incident and that an internal inquiry would be underway.

“I haven’t really looked into the incident,” said Tim, the district manager. “I have no comment.”

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