Disabled Iraq War Veteran suing Home Depot after being fired for missing work due to PTSD and TBI

A disabled U.S. Army veteran in West Virginia is suing the Home Depot after he was fired for missing work to treat combat related injuries.

Christopher Scalf spent 15-months in Iraq during “The Surge” where he was blown up twelve times.  In addition to experiencing multiple roadside bombs he engaged the enemy in numerous fire fights.  After he returned from deployment he was diagnosed with having a Traumatic Brain Injury, commonly referred to as TBI.

Scalf’s lawyer told WCHSTV, “While he is at would he would get headaches, and instead of providing some reasonable accommodations, Home Depot simply terminated his employment.”

Scalf reportedly has headaches, stemming from his TBI that are so painful he cannot even open his eyes.

“I am upset that Home Depot treated me this way after claiming to support our military. Everyday my family and I deal with the effects of my head injury and PTSD. I don’t want Home Depot to put other disabled veterans through this if they did it to me, how many other disabled veterans have they mistreated?” Scalf said in a statement to WCHSTV.

Scalf was hired by Home Depot after he applied on a web page specifically set up for veterans to apply.  He worked at Home Depot in Teays Valley, West Virginia for about three years until he was fired by the company.

In a statement released by Home Depot on Wednesday they said they have hire more than 30,000 veterans and service members and Scalf was not fired for anything related to him being a veteran.


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