Did Biden really sniff a child during a military spouse event at Fort Liberty?

Videos of an alleged incident involving President Joe Biden that purports to show him sniffing and/or whispering into the ear of a young military dependent have been “fact-checked” for accuracy, and here’s what you need to know.

The videos, which have gone viral on several social media platforms, show President Biden leaning toward a child being held by their mother, who just so happens to be a military spouse.

The most popular video features audio in which Biden says, “Let me whisper you a secret, you’re one sexy kid. Don’t tell mommy what I told you.”

According to Reuters, the clip is edited, taken from the original video which was uploaded by the military spouse to TikTok on June 9, 2023.

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While the president did in fact say “Let me whisper a secret,” and “Don’t tell mommy what I told you,” the part about being “one sexy kid” is reported to be fabricated.

It is unknown what Biden actually said, and therefore any speculation as to what was said is just that— speculation.

“VERDICT: Altered,” Reuters deduced. “No such comment can be heard in the original video.”

Another altered version of the video contains a dubbed sniffing noise as Biden leans into a whisper.

The event that Biden was attending took place at Fort Liberty, North Carolina, while Biden was making appearances in regard to improving conditions for military spouses.

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