Detroit vigilante calls out ISIS: “I dare you to come here…we will take you out”

He’s known as “Batman” on the streets of Detroit. Walter Gildersleeve took on the name after he was patrolling the streets near a school, and a student called out to him, by the superhero’s moniker.

He’s often seen wearing a hat and shirt with the letters, “DSW”– which stands for Detroit Street Watchers. Gildersleeve, who doesn’t quite think of himself as a vigilante, often posts his encounters on YouTube.

In 2014, a video he posted online, directed at ISIS, is entitled: “You will never raise your flags in America.”

In the clip, which lasts almost four minutes, Gildersleeve never lets go of the flag in his hand —  as he sends the terrorists a warning.

“I dare ISIS to come here,” he says, “we will take you out.” He calls them cowards who kill innocent children.

“You attack those who believe in God… I believe in God… come kill me.”

Gildersleeve also says ISIS can’t blame America for everything happening in Iraq, and mentions Dearborn, Michigan – a city close to Detroit – where more than 30% of its roughly 95,000 residents are Muslim.

‘Batman’ wraps up the video by pledging allegiance to his flag and to his gun.

Last year, WXYZ did a feature story on Gildersleeve — for his efforts to make a difference in the community.

Armed with a bullhorn and big heart, Gildersleeve patrols the rougher parts of the city’s west side, focusing on abandoned homes, which can become havens for crime. He announces to potential trespassers or thieves that “he is packing heat.”

“Batman” started to appear on the “frontlines” after he became emotionally involved with the case of a missing baby girl – whose body police never found.

No one questions his commitment to his country and community, but sometimes his emotions can get the best of him. In a video (below) he brandishes multiple firearms and uses a lot of profanity after witnessing a domestic violence.


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